13 Things Men Hate about Women!

13 Things Men Hate about Women!

Before I even start this let me say that many of you may feel the need to ask for my head on a platter but I have to do this one.

We love the time we spend with our significant others but there are some things they do that really irritate the crap out of us men. It doesn’t matter how sweet a girlfriend, wife is there’s always this one thing that annoys us. So ladies now you can’t say you don’t know what can irritate your men. Hope you enjoy!

  1. 1. Requiring your undivided attention

I don’t know why but girls are always crying for attention, its like no matter how much you try to give them, it never seems to be sufficient.  I don’t mind spending time with my girl but sometimes I think they get too needy with this attention business. Guys want to have time for himself too, you know to play video games, watch sports and stuff or even hang out with the boys. I think if women would just chill out and let their men chill then they wouldn’t be getting the artificial attention they sometimes get. So ladies all I’m say is stop begging for the attention and just let it flow naturally.

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