What does it mean when a man says “I need some space?”

Relationships are tricky, people sometimes say things and don’t really know what they mean or what the outcome may be, based upon certain things that they say. “I need some space” which is one of the things that many people experience  or may hear in their relationships and may not really be sure what it means when it is said to them, and yes it may mean different things to both men and women. But since this is from a woman’s point of view, let me stick to just that. Ladies, when you have a man and he tells you he needs his space, that can mean a number of things but what it probably means is that he wants to go out there an explore his options, without having to lose you. Most of the time, men don’t really know what they want, they can easily get caught up into things that are pleasing to their eyes, that they forget they already have something good waiting for them at home.

Most men feel that they can have their cake and eat it too. Ladies, ladies, ladies, be careful when your in a relationship and your man tells you he needs space. I’m not telling you not to grant him his wishes but you need to set some boundaries or find out exactly what this space entails.

I know most women will feel that if their man say they need space then this just simply means that he doesn’t really want to be with you, if he feels that he needs time away from you. This may also be true, but like we’ve said here before, it’s important that you talk to your partner and find out exactly where their minds are at.

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