Straightforward-non-subtle-Burdens of black women

superThis is a straightforward, non-subtle, and certainly an unapologetic blog about the hardships, obstacles, and burdens of black women. Too many African-American women subject themselves to pain and violence for love and a couple of minutes of pleasure only to be betrayed and disrespected by their loved ones or at least that is what is being claimed. “B**** where is my dinner? Why is this house filthy? H** where have you been? Why these kids not fed? and Why my momma lights not on at her house? The queen of soul said it best “all I’m asking for is a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T when I come home.” Sadly, but true many women come home from a long and hard day of work to crying babies and to hear a shouting husband who has been home hours before her demanding domestic work already be done, as if he is incapable of doing such tasks his self. Sorry Alicia but I don’t wear an ‘S’ on my chest. Such demands are preposterous, and if she doesn’t she is stubborn, unsupportive, and the reason why black men date white.

 For so long women of color have been blamed for everything wrong, from the high incarceration rates of black men, to the personal failures of every man. It seems as if being a woman in its self is a burden, if they have to carry that responsibility in addition to child birth, taking care of the home, shifting ourselves to placate men and our bosses, raise children, and somehow still manage to meet the increasing pressure of conventional beauty standards. Women are not given the respect and honor that they deserve without question.


—- J.S.E


  1. I completely agree with you EmmaSJ. And I think it depends on how that woman of color use to treated at home by her brothers and father. If she was the one who usually does everything, after school she cooks, clean, does the dishes, the laundry and more while everyone is at home watching Tv and asking for more food or their underwear, it would seems normal to her to be treated the same way by her husband even her kids in a long term. I think the parents have a lot to do in this; they have to teach their daughter how they should be treated and give them the respect they deserve at home.Once they are use to it, they will fight for it. And teach their son that every woman ,no matter where she is from and who she is,deserves respect and love.

  2. Nay, I completely understand where you coming from, but once again the Mother has to do the job. There is only so much a mother can teach her daughter about men. Fathers play an critical role in theirs daughters life, from what they think about themselves to what they should expect from men. But ur absolutely right it begins in the home.

  3. I for one think it starts from the home. Most of us learn how to behave and treat others from our parents and if you grew up in an abusive home you’re liable to get into relationship that emulates that, and that applies for men as well. Its hard enough to find a black man who is educated and doesn’t have 5 different baby mamas or a wrap sheet so for alot of women, if the guy is willing to stick around and give them that security, despite the way he treats her, they’re willing to accept whatever behavior they dish out. Its systematic thinking, that can only be fixed at the start, in the home. Mothers need to teach their daughters their worth, and show a good example to boot, which means being with a man that treats her right. Easier said than done.

  4. OMG ! so true , women need to start demanding the respect that they deserve and until then men won’t care enough to give it to them .

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