Should you tell your partner about your past?

Too many people have skeletons in their closets that they would rather just keep under wraps, especially when they are in a new relationship where they want to start with a fresh start. A lot of times in a relationship, telling our partner about past relationships or things that have happened in our past can be one of the hardest things to do, but the question is do you even need to tell them about what happened in your past, or should the past remain exactly what it is, the past. Let’s suppose you were the type of girl that had a lot of indiscretions in your past, meaning that you liked to get down, do you need to tell your partner about what used to be an aspect of your life. How about if you were once a convict, do you need to tell your partner about that? How about how many people you’ve been with or slept with, should your partner know about that? What should you or shouldn’t you tell your partner about your past?

This is a tough one for many, because some people may feel that whatever happened yesterday shouldn’t have any bearing on what happens today. Others feel the complete opposite because it is the things that happened in your past that shapes and molds the person that you are and can even determine what you will do and how you will carry yourself in your present relationship. 

So, should you tell your partner about your past? There are certain things that I believe that you should share with your partner and there are other aspects of your life that you don’t necessarily have to share unless of course you care to. For example, details of your past relationship, isn’t necessarily something that needs to be shared, unless of course the both you decide that you want to, but believe me this is opening up a can of worms if you do. Something that you can share though, is what you think caused you past relationships to fail. I feel that being honest about something like this can allow you to create a solid foundation for your new relationship. Another thing that you would want to share is if you were once a convict. I think your partner would definitely want to know this and what exactly caused you to go to prison. This would definitely be something you would want to tell them. If you were once married is another thing that you should tell your partner even if it occured in your past. There are so many other things that we can mention that should or shouldn’t be discussed but in reality it depends on the type of relationship you want to create. If you want to have a healthy and happy relationship, then it’s best that your open and honest about the things that will affect or have a bearing on making your relationship a success. It isn’t necessary to bring up the things that won’t affect your relationship one way or another, but you have to decide for yourself really what those things are and what they aren’t.

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