Should you be allowed to date multiple people at one time?

So I hear this a lot, were not in a serious relationship, were just getting to know each other. Fair enough, but does this mean that you should be getting to know a lot of different people while in this stage in the game. Meaning if your dating someone, and have yet declared yourself to be “exclusive” then should you be able to date others, maybe to see who it is you like best and then go from there. Well in a situation like this I think it really depends on you and the person your dating. Now, I don’t know how comfortable it would be asking the other person if they have a problem with you dating other people until you know that their serious about a relationship but some people actually do talk about it. Others don’t feel like they have any explanations to give and do it anyhow, while a few just decide that if their going to date this person than the least they can do is give this person their undivided attention. Me personally, I fall in the last category. I would like to give just one person my attention until I can decide for me whether I would like for it to be something more or nothing at all. But then again this is just me. Some people feel that if they are on a search to find the one then it’s best if they not waste anytime and date, date, date and date some more until they can make that decision. In a situation like that I would definitely be cautious and I find out how the other person that you may want to get serious be feels about it because you may potentially lose out on what may have been your soulmate.

So TTWTA readers, what do you think, should a person be allowed to date multiple people at a time?

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