Should you and your partner have a joint account once you get married?

relationshipsIt has been said that once you get married, you and your spouse become one and many people may not know but that also does include your bank accounts. What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is yours type of deal. Yet there are so conflicting point of views when it comes to this topic. I believe that yes, both you and your partner should definitely have a joint account once you become husband and wife because you do in fact now function as one unit rather than seperate entities. Both of you should come to an understanding though on how exactly the money that comes in should be spent or what not. Now I do hear this a lot so I’m going to put it out there. How about if one day your spouse decides to leave you and they take all the money with them, so your basically left out in the cold. Well to that I would suggest that you always do keep some money on the side for a rainy day. Now the quesiton could become, well should I tell my partner about this little bank account on the side. And really I think that depends on the type of relationship you and your spouse have. If you two share a very close relationship and are open to talk about anything than I don’t see the harm in telling him/her. But if you forsee it as a problem then maybe it can be your well kept secret. I know a lot of women like to save a little something on the side and I personally don’t see anything wrong with that and it may very well be just to pamper yourself or save for a day that you might be a bit dry and you need the extra funds. This is a topic that many people do encounter in their relationships and it is one that shouldn’t be taken lightly so on that note, I want to open the floor for discussion. What do you all think about this? Let us know!


  1. In a marriage I think a couple should operate on the concept of “whats your is mine, and mines yours” I think the couple should have one account where the bills should be paid from and at least 50% of both of your incomes should go to that account. As far as seperate account for both of you guys not a problem, as long as your not being secretive and a bulk of ur money is going there and your bills not being paid. Also your partner should have some access to ones account. Thats just my opinion

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