Should I date or marry someone with kids?

Hi, everyone, hope you had a fantastic weekend. Today’s topic is, should you date or marry someone that already has kids of their own? 

We live in a society, were divorce rates have increased tremendously over the past few years. People get married and that’s when they decide that they shouldn’t have ever been together, which in turn causes them to get a divorce and have what we like to call a broken family. We have a lot of single parents that are doing their best to raise their children and are trying to provide the best possible stable environment that they can. Many times, a lot of these individuals that already have a family of their own find it quite difficult to put themselves out there again because they may not want to get their hearts crushed again and they also have to consider the best interest of their children. Another thing that may prevent them from being able to date or be with someone, is the fact that not too many people want to get involved with someone that already has a family of their own. 

Love isn’t something that can be controlled or measured. Personally, if you find yourself in love with someone that already has a family (meaning kids) then this aspect of their life shouldn’t take away the amount of love you have for this particularperson. But it is important to understand exactly what you are getting yourself into. If this person has children, then there is a great likelihood, that the children’s mother or father will play a role in this person’s life because of the children. This third individual will be  a part of the equation. You have to be able to accept this person’s children as your own and love them, if not more than you love the person, probably one of the hardest things to do. If you both have children and want to share a life together, then it’s important that you treat your child or children no different than you treat theirs, with the understanding that you are trying to build a strong and loving marriage and family. These are just some things that a person should think about before getting into a relationship with someone that already has children. It’s important to really think about a decision as such because it does makes things a lot more complicated and a lot more difficult.

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