Is 30 too old to be living at home with mom and dad?

What is too old to be livng at home with mom and dad? Some people believe that once they are 18 then it is definitely time to leave the nest? Some people go off to college and never come back home, while others sometimes leave, come back and end up staying for too long, there are those though that just never leave their mom’s and dad’s. Should a person at 30 still be living at home with their parents, or is it time to spread their wings and go and do their own thing?

Thirty is a critical age for anyone, it’s a time in a person’s life where they need to know exactly what they want, and living on their own, in their own space should definitely be something to consider. At 30, you should be adult enough to take care of yourself and your own household, you should know how to pay bills, and should be able to walk around your house naked if that’s your will, without worrying about mom or dad telling you to put on some clothes (just a thought). Independence, is something that can very attractive as well, when you are looking to get into a serious relationship. A girl would love to know that a man has his own space, and this should go both ways. There comes a time in this life where everyone really needs to just spread their wings and fly away on their own.

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