How to get your ex back? A woman’s point of view!

How to get your ex back? Caution: make certain that you have this is something that you have truly thought about and truly want before proceeding to read this post!

Ok, if your reading this either you really want you ex back or your just curious, either way, you’ve been warned.

So, quick question for you that’s reading. Why do you want him back? If your answer is,”I love him and I can’t see myself without him” then that’s a good enough answer for me.

So now what do I do to get him back before he’s gone for good? Every relationship is different and this really depends on what terms your relationship ended in order to devise the optimum plan on how to win your ex back. But what I can do is share some general ideas on different ways to approach this situation.

If your ex is willing to have a conversation with you, then ask them if you guys can get together to talk! If he agrees, then pick a nice, quiet place where just the two of you won’t be interrupted to talk. Personally I think that this should be done face to face but really it’s up to you. Make sure that when you meet up with your ex you already know what it is you want to say, because this isn’t the time to fumble or drop the ball. Honesty, really is your the best policy. This is a good as time as any to lay your heart on the line. Difficult I know, but you’ve come this far and there is no way to turn back now. So just go for it. Let them know that you can’t be without them and that your life isn’t the same without them.

Now for the hard part….let them tell you how they feel. Be patient if they really don’t know what to tell you or how they feel. Don’t be surprised if they can’t answer you and need time to process and think about all you’ve said and even more so be prepared in case they don’t feel the same way you do. Relationships are hard, but sometimes we have to learn to take chances and in the process get our hearts broken. If they choose to not want to pursue the relationship then just think of it as their lost and that it wasn’t meant to be anyways.

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