Falling in Love with the Wrong Person

So many people can testify to falling in love with the wrong person, they get into a relationship with someone, sacrifice their time, energy and money and then later on realize that this wasn’t the right person for them for some reason or another.

So many people tend to get into a relationship without really analyzing or thinking about what the potential outcome may be. They simply just give everyone or almost everyone they meet a chance hoping that they will be the one.

Big mistake! It’s important before you even start to declare your love for someone that you really take a look at who they are. Take notice on how they react to certain situations, look to see if they get angry easily. Find out if they’ve ever cheated on anyone. Ask about them! Then this way you can prevent yourself to some extent from later realizing that you should have never even been with this person.

Also don’t let lust lead you into thinking that you are in love and for you to act solely upon that. Let your heart and your mind lead you to finding the person that you deserve to be and that deserves to be with you.

I understand that it can get lonely at times being single but just settling for anything that comes your way shouldn’t be the an option. Take your time, to assess your situation, take time to know the person, don’t claim someone before you understand them.

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  1. I really like the post. You are right about the PREVENT part. I think someone can prevent, as you said, being with the wrong one but can’t stop it from happening. Though it’s better to leave if you find out that you’ve been with the wrong one, there are some habits and characters that you will never find out until you’re with the person.

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