Gold and Other Historic Happenings in Hokitika

The lure of gold was too strong for some people to resist and they flocked towards remote areas seeking the riches that were under discussion. The unsettled West Coast of New Zealand called out to those with a sense of adventure and willingness to achieve it. This modern city owes much to those who came searching for gold. The interesting beginning of Hokitika in the 1860s moved towards the future with several areas of development.

The hope for riches lured professionals and laborers to the unsettled West Coast and the chance to find the mother lode. Blazing the trail towards a chance at riches involved leading the way through wilderness. Clearing the rugged roads, the miners pushed forward towards the goldfields, followed by those bringing supplies of survival to sell to others. Alluvial deposits were quite disappointing at first, but more gold was discovered. hokitika accommodation began its long history with the gold rush and the discovery of more gold required more rooms. Seventy-two filled hotels in 186, in addition to serving food and drink, indicated the new settlement was a good investment.

The population continued to grow and by 1867, hokitika accommodation was one of the largest centers of residents in the country. The town continued to grow when the port was finished and ships were able to bring in passengers and supplies, as well as take them out. Thirty-two were lost and hundreds damaged from 1865 through 1867 entering this dangerous waterway, though it was the official entry port for the West Coast up to the 1950s. There were even times when ships stacked up offshore waiting for their turn to enter the harbor and unload cargo.

Because of its location and size, it was convenient to choose Hokitika as capital of what was once Westland Province. Agriculture and retail business became alternative ways for residents to make a living once the production of gold decreased. That foresight continues to let the current residents survive. Like many historic areas, tourism is a big business.

Technology has led to an easier way of obtaining gold, providing the opportunity for tourists to see modern methods of mining in the gold camps. With so many different items available for local artists to use in their trade, locals and tourists find a number of gift items. Local silver and greenstone vie with paua shell and driftwood for jewelry and sculptures. Arrive by car or plane and take a bus ride around the area, thanks to scheduled stops that drop off near Hokitika motels and hotels. The sunshine provides a wonderful feeling when walking towards your daily destination.

Quality upscale rooms encourage the relaxation some guests crave after a day of touring the sites in the area. Places near the beach offer beautiful views of the Tasman Sea and allow glimpses of the native birds flitting about the gardens. Bed and breakfasts are delightful places to share travel experiences, pictures and a meal or two with other guests. Staying at a lodge near town gives visitors the ability to walk on the shore and take in the lovely ocean view, as well as discuss the options of which areas are the most intriguing to visit.

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