29Prime: Instagram Helps Businesses

Smartphone owners across the globe are obsessed with the latest and greatest application, Instagram. Launched in October 2010, Instagram is a photo-sharing application that lets users connect with each other from across the world. It is a photo-sharing application that is fun and quirky. There are an estimated 30 million accounts using the application globally. Since there are so many users, business owners need to start taking advantage of this application and using it for their businesses!

There are multiple companies that have begun to make use of Instagram to brand their business. it is being used as an advertising tool is a wonderful idea. Since it is free, it cuts some cost that is usually spent on marketing. Since it has so many users, you have the possibility of reaching a very large and diverse audience. This app is yet another type of social networking that allows for interaction between the users and business owner.

Photo contests are a fine example of what interaction should occur between the brand and followers. Rip Curl, a surfwear company, conducts a photo contest every Wednesday. They encourage followers to make use of their tag ‘live the search’ when uploading their photo. A winner is chosen with the best photo and they are given a t-shirt or bikini. Photo contests encourage followers to participate and they may share this with their friends!

Photos on Instagram can also be an awesome way to market your brand. If you have someone managing your company’s photo account, make sure they take pictures of your office, products, and employees. By doing this, it gives your brand a personality and charm. It encourages consumers to use your services when you show the people behind them.

In conclusion, remember to encourage your followers to comment, like, and share your photos as often as possible. Through doing this, your visibility will surely increase as will your brand awareness. Luckily, Instagram has the capability to sync with Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. You want to make sure that your brand reaches as many people as possible. In order to do this, make sure you are using multiple forms of social media so you reach this goal!

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