The Iraqi that threw his shoes at President George Bush has been sentenced for 3 years!

If any of you recall last December, when President George Bush was having a press conference with Iraqi Prime Minister and the Iraqi journalist threw his shoes at President George Bush. Well they have finally sentenced him and given him 3 years in jail for assaulting a foreign leader. While his sentencing, Muntadhar al-Zeidi’s, shouted out “LONG LIVE IRAQ,” which obviously shows that he has no remorse for what he had done. For his act, many people in the Middle East considered him to be a hero due to their dislike of President Bush and because of his decisions to invade Iraq in 2003. The judge decided to be lenient with him because of his clean record. Many Iraqi’s though are angry at because they believe the sentence isn’t just because they believe Bush provoked this man’s anger.
More to come…..

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