President Obama to overturn Bush Administration decision on Stem Cell Research

It is said that Monday morning, President Obama is to overturn a decision that was made by the Bush administration on embryonic stem cell research. A congressional Republican is criticizing the President in saying that his decision for the reversal of embryonic stem cell research is a way to distract people of the real problem at hand, which of course is the economy. Representative Eric said in the “State of the Union, why are we distracting ourselves from the economy”? There are some though such as Melody Barnes, which is a White House domestic policy advisor that feels that this move is very important because this will “restore scientific integrity in governmental decision making.” It’s imperative that the White House plays an integrated role in both science and technology.  It is understandable where some may feel that President’s Obama’s entire focus should solely be on the economy and how to restore it but it is very important to remember as well that there are other issues on the table that the president is still presented with and must also deal with accordingly.

Many people have opinions on embryonic stem cell research, how do you feel about it?

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