Rihanna may lose endorsements!

This is what bad relationships and bad publicity can cause you, to lose people’s respect and to lose your money. According to E Online, Rihanna may lose some major endorsement deals because she has decided to take Chris Brown back. Some of the companies that gave her these endorsements are waiting to see how the public will react to what she has done. If the public isn’t that supportive then bye bye endorsements. The most logical reason I see fit is probably that this will in turn give their brand a negative look and risk them losing consumers which in turn causes them to lose money. 

So what should Rihanna do, risk losing her endorsements or just lose Chris Brown?


  1. Keep the endorsement, and loose the boyfriend. She is young and has her whole life ahead of her. If a man hits you once, he will hit you a second time. By taking her back, she should put in place some conditions, first one being psychological help for him, and second if he hits her again, she hits him back, and walk away. Truthfully, and with all honesty, she should focus in her career, specially one such a the one she has that involve youth and beauty. In Hollywood, one day your it, the next day your out. Her relationship with Chris is not love but lust and a publicity stunut. Rihanna enjoy the 15 minutes of fame you have! Dump the boy!

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