Don’t have the supplements, make your own Guanabana Tea

Guanabana leave tea

 Make your own Guanabana Tea

Guanabana leave tea

For those that have access to the guanabana or graviola, soursop leaves can make some tea instead of the pills.
Here are some easy directions

1.  Need about 2- 3 sour sop leaves from the sour sop tree.
2. Ensure that the leaves are not too mature. The mature leaves are normally deeper green in color. The idea is to get sour sop leaves that are in great shape

2.   Add 1 cup of water in a small pot and bring it to a boil.

3.  Cut the sour sop leaves into smaller pieces by tearing it apart; each leaf in three pieces.

4.  Place the gravoila (sour sop) leaves in your tea cup (glass, cup) and pour the boiling water on it then cover for 30mins – 1 hour (this process is commonly called drawing the tea).

5.  Drink warm or cold – you may add sugar and milk for taste.

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