The Inconvenience Of Dark Sunsation Lotion

Dark Sunsation Lotion is a tanning product that makes your skin dark and amazingly glowing. It makes your day superb when taking the vacations that come once in a lifetime. However it should be rarely used as it has a lot of health concerns that otherwise make it a big no, even for the first time. Thoroughly weigh your options before applying this product lest you regret the day you made that choice. [youtube:j5TDjqZPxKM;[link:tanning lotion reviews, taning bed lotions, tan towel];]

Dark Sunsation Lotion is very much addictive. It is clearly indicated that you should properly exfoliate whenever you are applying it. This increases the rate of usage and leaves you craving for more since you have been looking good for the past few days. In the event that you stop, you notice funny changes like bright orange skin since all your tint was washed away with previous use.

Most of the times you produce unpleasant horrible smells that make you very uncomfortable. Tanning chemicals have bad smell. Perfume agents are added to reduce the bad smell but after you start sweating form hard work it gets worse with time. Visiting the gym makes everything way too bad. This can simply be interpreted as doing light work whenever use this lotion.

Due to the lost natural tint, future applications are bound to be uneven. Some areas of your skin may appear darker or lighter than others. Your weak skin also burns in sunlight and sunburns become major problems that send you to purchase more harmful products. Sunbathing is completely forgotten from this stage onwards.

On first time application, your skin is enriched and glows wonderfully. When you take a shower, you notice the dark brown color of the waste water you used. It is a combination of your natural tint and the chemicals in the product. Bright orange color then sets in and your happiness fades away as you realize the damage you have caused to yourself.

It does cost much besides the fact that it destroys your looks. The addictive bit is also another way of ensuring you waste more money on the product. It takes away your natural look, that it on the contrary guarantees. It sounds very weird to spend a lot of money in destroying your health.

Different individuals with different skin types have diversified reactions when subjected to skin care products. Splotching and streaking become part and parcel of life to the consumers of this lotion. People with sensitive skin have a different series of complications arising out of the lust for glowing dark skin. Aging and severe wrinkling are accelerated once you expose your skin to these products.

If you truly love yourself and cannot tolerate putting yourself at risk, then you should conclude that Dark Sunsation Lotion is a big no. It makes your skin weak and vulnerable to a lot of diseases. It also limits you to the activities you can partake when you use it.

Dark Sunsation Lotion is for those people who want the deep bronze appearance without spending hours in the harsh sun. Self Tanners are easy to use and leave you with an deep tan that looks totally natural.

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