Sulphur – An All Natural Treatment For Arthritis And Skin Disorders

Sulphur is a macromineral that has become well known for its healing properties. It is often used to treat arthritis and skin disorders. However, it also has a quantity of other internal functions in your body. In this article I will be discussing this nutrient in greater detail and offering you a directory of its main functions, the best food sources, the recommended daily allowances (RDAs) and also the potentially negative effects of consuming an excessive amount of or too little.


Sulphur is a natural element that can be found in hot springs, meteorites and volcanoes. Understanding of this element dates back to ancient times. It is referenced through the Bible as well as has its own alchemical (an ancient pursuit that focussed on converting metals into gold) symbol however the exact discovery date is unknown. It was officially recognised being an aspect in 1777 once the French chemist Antoine Lavoisier turned out to be the scientific community that it hadn’t been an element and never a substance.


Sulphur is becoming well known for its soothing impact on various ailments for example joint and skin conditions. However, it also promotes a healthy metabolism, removes waste materials from the body and supports cellular respiration (which allows the body to make use of oxygen more proficiently). It is also assists in the manufacture of collagen (a ligament which helps the skin maintain its elasticity and assists within the healing of wounds), insulin (a hormone that moderates blood sugar levels) and keratin (a protein which will keep your hair, nails and skin strong).

3) RDA

Sulphur doesn’t have the official RDA but many sources suggest you should consume between 800 milligrams (mg) and 1000mg daily. If you are using this nutrient therapeutically (for instance, to treat arthritis) then you may have to consume up to 5g daily. However, you need to consult a physician or nutritionist before you begin taking high doses of this nutrient.


Sulphur is normally found within amino acids so high protein foods such as dairy, fish and meat in many cases are the richest source. Cheddar cheese (230mg per 100g), chicken (300mg per 100g), egg (180mg per 100g) and lobster (510mg per 100g) are a few of the best food causes of this nutrient. Certain nuts (brazil nuts contain 290mg per 100g) and vegetables (spinach contains 90mg per 100g) also contain high levels of this nutrient.


Currently there are no overdose symptoms associated with sulphur. However, it is still advisable to consult your physician or nutritionist before consuming high doses of the nutrient.


Sulphur deficiencies are uncommon and normally only affect people on a really low protein diet. If you do neglect to become deficient in this nutrient it can result in arthritis, circulatory problems, muscle pains, impaired hair and nail growth and skin problems.

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