Allergy free dogs: Some of the best dogs for allergies

Best Dogs for Allergies

Best Dogs for Allergies

Best Dogs For Allergies

One so often comes across the saying that dogs are the best companions that a man can have. We also must have heard so many stories where the dogs are incredible faithful to their masters or owners. There are a few factors, which result in dogs being the most famous pets all over the world. Apart from being a good companion and being very faithful, dogs also have the habit of protecting their owners from any possible threat. Dogs also have longer life cycle as compared to other pet animals, which again acts in favor of dogs.

However there is another very important advantage of keeping dogs and that is to get rid of allergies. There are quite a few allergy free dogs species, which ensure that their owners stay away from certain allergies. Now ever research backs the fact that several dog species have the potential to keep away the allergies of their owners. Earlier it was a common belief that one can pet only Poodles, as their owners have no allergy issues when around them. But now there are far more options available for the dog lovers with some allergies or asthma.

On a search for best dogs for allergies one would come across a long and decent enough list. Poodles without any doubt are one of the most famous hypo allergic dogs. Following it closely is the Shih Tzu, which is China originated dog. The dog is very small in size but is very much adorable. It is very sensitive to heat, so they need cool surroundings to sustain. The Yorkshire Terrier looks very much like toys and is very friendly. They are known particularly for the fact that they shed very less amount of fur as compared to several other species.

There are few other species as well which feature in the list of best dog for allergies. Maltese is another such interesting species, which are hypo allergic and very playful. These are usually found in urban settlements and the fact that they have no undercoat means they have no shedding at all, which acts are a great advantage. The Lagotto Romagnolo is an Italian species of dog, which is famous for hunting down Truffles. They are extremely intelligent and quick and also hypo allergic which is indeed a very good and effective combination.

Another hypo allergic dog species is that of Kerry blue terrier which originated in Ireland. The breed is usually known for hunting, herding and guarding. The absence of an undercoat means that they do not shed much, but they do need regular clipping so that their furs do not grow very long. The Bichon Frise is a very famous hypo allergic dog from France. The breed is completely white in color and perpetually they do not shed. However one needs to be very careful with them and keep grooming them on a regular basis. They are extremely playful and go very well with children and cats. If you have cats, it is the best possible choice.

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