Achieve Whiter Teeth with Bleaching Treatments

You have several teeth whitening alternatives to choose from, but you’ll have to consider the costs and conveniences of each treatment. It’s all in hindsight by now, but you’ll get by without intensive bleaching options if you’ve only followed through on your oral hygiene. Even though some tooth stains surface as a side effect to medication or as a result of trauma, unhealthy or sedentary lifestyles are the usual culprits for the severe discolorations. If it’s too late to reverse the effects with whitening toothpaste, then you should consider potent solutions instead. Your dentist will recommend treatment options according to the condition of the stain; this may involve prescription trays or in-office procedures, but you also have the option to try out OTC strips and see if these offer any improvement.

At-home teeth bleaching kits improve on the shade of slight stains. The kits are also available over-the-counter, so you can purchase and use these without a dentist’s prescription. Don’t set your expectations too high, though; the bleaching gel comes in the mildest formulations to compensate for the adverse effects of overexposure. You have to wear the applicators everyday for a couple of hours to obtain optimum benefits, but the involved routines can’t remove deep-seated stains and severe discolorations from your enamel. The trays also come in free sizes, so yours may not offer a perfect fit. You can pay more for kits with customizable molds, but the casts won’t match your teeth’s contours the way prescription trays would.

Teeth whitening kits are more effective if they’re prescribed by your dentist; yours will involve formulations and applicators customized to the severity of the stain and your teeth’s contours. You’ll still invest in involved application routines, though. You can opt for the quick and effective alternative in professional bleaching if you want to skip the hassles. In-chair procedures use commercial-grade bleaching gels so you’ll obtain maximum benefit in short-term exposures. Professional bleaching is conducted within a proper clinical setup; you can compare the convenience of the procedure to a routine tooth cleaning or checkup. The procedure usually involves two to four fifteen-minute sessions, depending on the condition of the stain and your expected results. Professional bleaching is the best option if you want to maximize the benefits sans the hassles of routine applications.

Choose in-office bleaching procedures if you prefer instant results within an hour of treatment. The procedure is conducted in a proper clinical setup; a licensed practitioner uses bleaching gels in the highest concentrations, but the exposure intervals are shortened to fifteen minutes each. The treatment usually involves two to four exposures, depending on the results of the initial application. You can also opt for laser-enhanced teeth bleaching procedures if you want to maximize the benefits of each treatment session.

Schedule a consultation with your dentist and consider your viable options. You only have a handful of alternatives to choose from, so there’s bound to be a method that’ll fit into your budget and expectations.

Choose professional Teeth Bleaching procedures if you prefer immediate, noticeable improvement without the hassles of routine applications. Schedule an appointment at online clinics and guarantee your slot when you walk in for treatment.

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