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Achieve Whiter Teeth with Bleaching Treatments

May 12, 2012 Nia Lawrence 0

You have several teeth whitening alternatives to choose from, but you’ll have to consider the costs and conveniences of each treatment. It’s all in hindsight by now, but you’ll get by without intensive bleaching options if you’ve only followed through on your oral hygiene. Even though some tooth stains surface as a side effect to medication or as a result of trauma, unhealthy or sedentary lifestyles are the usual culprits for the severe discolorations. If it’s too late to reverse the effects with whitening toothpaste, then you should consider potent solutions instead. Your dentist will recommend treatment options according to the condition of the stain; this may involve prescription trays or in-office procedures, but you also have the option to try out OTC strips and see if these offer any improvement.