Yoly in 2009

Dear The Things We Talk About,

2009 wasn’t such a great year for me! I lost many loved ones and in the process I almost lost myself… I learned a lot this year even though the year is not over. My circle of friends is still a close knit one and they’re becoming more and more like my sisters every day. We have had arguments and disagreements but we get over it. I’m learning that everybody doesn’t deserve to be called a “friend”! There are friends and there are associates…

I know a lot of people that I was cool with in Miami and now that I’m away when I go back we still laugh and kick it like we were still in high school… There’s others that I do the same with but unfortunately as I’m getting old I’m realizing they’re not really my friends! I’ve had so many downs this year I didn’t think there was going to be an up for me.

I lost my drive and focus for school not because I wanted to but because there are so many things going on in my mind this semester… am I trying to get it together… yes I am! I’ve lost friends, some closer than others but memories of them still replay in my head like it was yesterday! R.I.P MIKE CESAR, R.I.P. JASPER “JAZZ” TYRONE HOWARD, R.I.P. DOMINIC “DUMBO” JACKSON, R.I.P PETERSON 2009 has taught me so much about myself… this was the year I turned 21, the year I fell in love, the year I experienced heartbreak, the year death affected me, and when I decided to please me and only me. Life obstacles are hard; I don’t blame those who give up… I just respect those who continue on the struggle. I’m more determined than ever to do better in 2010! I’m going to be more focused on school and myself than ever before! I’m aware that I’m a dependent person and that’s something that I’m working on to change. I can only make me happy with the decisions and choices that I make. I’m going to make it in life… just watch and see..

S.N. So Motivated…

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