I know that death is a part of life, but the memories we shared will live forever in my heart!!! I miss the times we had together whether it was good or bad. Baby we were never meant to be, we just happened and I loved it!!! I remember meeting you on my birthday at the liquor store like it was yesterday. Geraldine and I was so cold so you let us come behind the counter and I didn’t even think twice and Geraldine’s looking at me like I’m crazy lol. That whole night was just crazy… nobody can top my 21st birthday but they can try! We were both night stalkers lol… out all night… sleep during the day then tomorrow do it all over again!!! I remember us falling asleep at the liquor store so many times, you fixing my car, THE INFAMOUS CAR WASH lol [inside joke] huh Shanny.

So many memories… I still have the first voicemail you left me on my phone… so I guess I have proof that you’re a bug-a-boo lol another one of our inside jokes! I can’t even remember how many times I broke up with you that’s how many times I did it but the funny thing is we were only broken up for a couple of minutes an hour if even that because you would always come to my house after I said we’re done lol… Baby I don’t care what people have to say; people are always going to have something to say and I know that now, it’s what I do with what they say that matters and that’s nothing because they don’t dictate my life.

I only live for me, I’m so tired of the he say she says shit… I know what we had… Girls are so funny babe… requesting to be my friend so they can see my page… lol I don’t care I would’ve done the same lol… the difference between me and them is that their ACCESS IS DENIED! lol Never in a million years did I expect what happened in August 2009 to happen to me… They say not to question God so I don’t… I’m not going to lie at times I feel like God did me wrong, but then there’s the people that he has blessed me with and I’m not mad at all, they make it a whole lot better. They say it’s better to have loved than not at all and I believe that now… I’m writing this because I am moving on with my life and even though you are not here with me… Your death was a lesson in my life like T.I. said… I will and forever love you Mike Cesar… hey how can I forget you… your birthday is tatted on me so I won’t ever forget!!!

R.I.P. Mike Cesar
October 23, 1983- August 3, 2009

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