Why can't people get enough of social networking sites?

It wasn’t too long ago that social networking sites have become the new phenomena. So many people have become so intrigued with the idea that now we find so many people trying to create their own version or twists to their original counterparts. They even have applications available that are free and usable if you want to create your own. So many people are finding a way to connect and what easier way to do it then if not on the internet. Everything becomes so much more accessible on the world wide web and is literally at a click of a button. Facebook, Myspace, HI5, Bebo, Twitter are all social networking sites that came from an ingenious idea, and they don’t stop there. These sites are constantly finding ways to change and evolve, although sometimes their users may become upset it never seems to keep them away from going to visit their site. The great thing about these sites is that they welcome their users feedback and try to work from there.

Why are people though so caught up in these sites and just can’t get enough? Many people I should say have a lot of spare time and are always looking for something to do. These sites provide this outlet, it allows them to check out and find out what everyone else is basically up to. They can keep track of their friends, find out who’s in a relationship, who’s broken up, where the person is working, ?when is someone’s birthday, etc. No one really spends time calling people anymore, because the internet and ?these sites makes it so easy. Sometimes, I wonder though if people really have nothing better to do in their spare time and then I remember that I am one of those people (lol).?


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