Hollywood Gossip!

Ok so much have been happening in the entertainment news, that’s it’s only fair we share it with our readers. 

For all that didn’t know, Rihanna has a new tattoo of a gun on her side, many are saying it’s sending out the wrong message, how do you feel about that?

Jennifer Hudson will be going on tour and has also set a secret wedding date, for those that don’t know, she dating David Ortuga, from I love New York, yup the bulgy dude, that was kicked off before Budha.

Chris Brown and Rihanna are still on a break, no actual word of a break up though, they just seem to be taking time apart from their now infamous relationship. What do you think, should she just dump him and move on with her life?

Madonna is adopting another child. Do you feel that this process is made easier for celebrities, and do you think they should start adopting some kids from the U.S?

Rumor is octuplets mom was once a stripper before she became a mother of 14. Do you think she’ll be able to be a good example for her children?

Ciara keeps copying Beyonce’s style. Who do you think is hotter and will make it the farthest?

Kelly Rowland, supposedly have been dropped by Colombia records? What’s next for her career or will she completely disappear of the musical map?

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