Understand What Emotional Intelligence (EI) Means And The Characteristics Of Someone Who Has I

In short, it is a desired trait which we should all want, and work for to reinforce our ability to communicate with other individuals; family, work and friends in a much more positive manner. If possessed, it is what makes an individual stand taller than others ; because they have the awareness to hear others needs, effectively without judgment, deceit, or jealousy and find ways to assist and improve another human being. It is about knowing who you are, having the ability to work not only for yourself but with others in mind. It is about becoming a positive force in other people’s lives. It is being able to see other people’s needs and trying to relate to them in the most effective way for all concerned. It is about finding yourself dedicated to helping others grow and achieve success ; not just you.

The actual definition is: the knowledge or capacity, skill or, a self-perceived grand ability to identify, assess, manage and control the emotions of one’s self, of others, and of groups. — Wikipedia

Emotional intelligence is the wisdom to recognize your emotions, understand what they may be telling you, and realize how your emotions affect people around you. It also involves your perceptions of others; when you understand how they feel; this enables you to manage relationships more effectively.-mind-tools.com

Emotional Intelligence Characteristics

Someone who possesses Emotional Intelligence inside the work place is pretty much successful in everything the endeavor to do. Why? They are positive thinkers; they are productive and understand how to accomplish the goals and business plans. They thrive with a challenge and promote challenge in others. No, they aren’t critical of others, but they realize that one must first be open to criticism and be able to use that criticism in their favor; and not take it personally. In other words it gives them the incentive to strive for more distinction. They lead others not manage others?there is a difference. They do not just give the orders; they work to accomplish what is needed to generate the bottom-line profits of the company. They have a hands-on attitude. They find methods to motivate, challenge and make others feel better about themselves. These qualities are why more and more companies are focusing on pre-employment evaluations to gain people who are Emotionally Intelligent as well as skillful. It is proven in some testing that those with Emotional Intelligence are more lucrative to the company’s bottom-line. After all that is why they are in business; business without profits makes failure.

These highly effective individuals are candid with themselves. They know who they are and they realize no one is perfect and that we all need to expand . They aren’t out to sever anyone else but to try and improve another, with a purpose to help themselves. They understand that their emotions must remain positive and controlled so that there will be less chaos as they are aware that confusion only brings discontentment. They do not show their anger and are able to work in stressful situations, and they make sound, profitable decisions, calmly and with grit. These individuals are capable of knowing when their gut instinct is right.

These people are not only skillful but, they possess the attribute of knowing that working as a team is highly important. They know how to motivate others and take a look at the long-haul results that brings success; rather than the short-term success.

These kinds of people are compassionate, in other words, loaded with empathy. They understand how their viewpoint isn’t the only viewpoint and that someone else might have a better solution than they do. They recognize others’ needs and feelings and will not willfully hurt others. They’re helpful to others and these attributes make them excellent management material. They are honest, are genuine and live their entire life without need to cover and alter their highly affective life; yet they’re open to personal growth. I would say these highly qualified individuals are those who have everything together.

Additional information about EI and Improve yours and how to recognize the characteristics.

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