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Welcome to the blog! is a brand new unique website offering people discounts on services or products that they require, from a huge range of smaller independent businesses in their local area.
Huge high street chains are taking over and are really forcing out smaller local businesses which making City?s lose their identity and difference! People trust local businesses a lot more and especially in places like Cambridge, local businesses add to the character of the City!
People love to get a great deal; they love to save money, this is the new way of doing just that! offers:
? A discount on local services
? Easy to use site
? A huge range of businesses on the site, from hairdresser to electricians, Estate planning to bed shops
? No cost for using the site
? No sign ups
? No vouchers to purchase or post, just a unique promotion code which is visible next to the companies advert
? A link direct through to the local businesses website so you can find out more about the company (don?t forget to note the code!)
? Enquiry form next to the business advert to make it even easier for you to contact the business and get a discount!
? The discounts can be used time and time again

Take a look around the site right now and get saving!

WAIT!.. STOP!.. Before you leave, are YOU a business owner in Cambridge?

As we have already said, we have launched this website to help promote local businesses whilst giving people the chance to save money of goods or services that they require? well that would be a silly statement to make if we then had a ridiculously expensive price for local businesses advertising on the site? That is why we have set up a very simple price for advertising? To advertise on is just ?199 per year! Not only that, BUT if you use this blog as a reference when signing up to advertise we will give you 5% off this price PLUS we will give you 14 months instead of 12 months!!!
We do not take a fee for each customer we refer to your business or anything like that, in face the only time that another charge would ever crop up is if you wanted to change your advert or promotional offer? other than this there is NO hidden costs or any other charges!

Why should you advertise on Here are a few reasons:

? A one off cost of just ?199 per year!
? We only allow TWO of each type of business to advertise on the site from each area E.G. only TWO plumbers, only TWO Hairdressers etc? this offers exclusivity to your business and will come under your town e.g. cambridge special offers
? You will be given first refusal on securing one of the two slots next year!
? An advert on the site which contains whatever you want to say about your business
? A link direct through to your website (if you have one)
? A contact form next your advert which links direct to your email address
? ?Swap service? feature- This allows you to offer your products or services in exchange for something you require, without exchanging cash!… For example you maybe a hair dresser who requires some business cards so you offer to cut the business card printers hair for 12 months in exchange for 1000 business cards, meaning overall it will save both save money!
? Recommend a friend- Every business that you get to advertise on will result in us giving you 10% of your advertising cost back! The great thing about this is there is no limit, so if you get 10 businesses on board, you have covered the costs of your advert on the site!… Now you must know 10 business owners?!?!

If you want to know more about advertising on, we don?t blame you, it is a great deal, click on the link is rapidly growing and is soon to be launching across local media and via social networking (hence the incredible special deal we are offering to you today!)? So what?s stopping you jumping on board right now?!?!


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