Motivate Yourself – Quit Smoking Tips


Motivate Yourself – Quit Smoking

 Keeping the harmful effects of smoking in mind and the fact that these effects are not only cosmetic but also fatal (cancer) in nature, it is advisable for you that you quit smoking at the earliest or not get into the addiction in the first place. Yes, there is no one time when quitting smoking is a god idea. All points of time around the year and in your life is as good as the other when it comes to the fact of quitting smoking and declaring it a day.   This noted there are a number of people who fail to quit smoking unless it is a landmark day worth commemorating by quitting smoking. In case you are one of them, here are 3 perfect times of the year when you can bid farewell to the killer smoking cigarette in your hand:

 1.     New Year’s Resolution

It has been seen that there are a greater number of people who actually believe in sticking to their new year’s resolution than giving the silly excuse of ‘resolutions are meant to be broken’. This is why most expert doctors and psychiatrists are of the opinion that deciding to quit smoking at the welcoming hour of a whole new year can be a perfect trigger to actually go ahead and dump the killer packet.   This New Year, it is high time that you gift yourself, your family and your loved ones a smoke free you. In case you find it difficult, you can prepare for the same by setting small goals for yourself and rewarding yourself accordingly when you achieve them. You can also maintain a diary for your quit smoking process and read it occasionally to congratulate yourself. Try using an E-Cigarette for the times when you feel the crave particularly excessively.

 2.     Pregnancy Time

No there is no better day to quit smoking than the day when you find out that you are blessed with the fact that you will be a mother in a few months’ time. In case you don’t already know, the harms of smoking during pregnancy are not only on you but also on the child whom you are carrying in your womb. Remember that the last gift you must be giving to your own child is lifelong crippled and numerous ailments and thus quitting smoking must be the first agenda on your checklist.

 3.     Getting Fit

When you have decided to gift yourself a fitter body and started on with an exercise regime that includes number of cardio exercises, you will soon start to realize the necessity to quit smoking. By quitting smoking you will not only be pumping up your body’s muscles and other organs you will also be completing the process of a holistic fit body for yourself and your family. Remember that by quitting smoking you will increase your tenacity, capacity and other aspects which will benefit your exercise regime greatly.   Remember that with every additional day that you continue to smoke you are adding a bit more carcinogenic agent to your body and to those around you.

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