How to Repair an Air Conditioner that Has Gathered Ice

Air-Conditioner-iceYour air conditioner is that wonderful equipment, which ensures peaceful nights, during those torrid summer months. Some people grow so used to the cool, and soothing, air that emerges from an air conditioner, that they can’t imagine about spending even one day without it. If, however, your AC gets afflicted with some problem, troubleshooting by professional air conditioning contractors might be necessary.

One of the rare problems associated with the upkeep of an AC is that sometimes, you may be stunned to find out that ice has accumulated in the various parts of the cooling device. This might appear to be strange, but an optimally functioning AC, during night times, when room temperature is naturally cooler, can sometimes lead to this problem.

The reason of this problem might be anything. Follow the steps given below, to rectify this problem.

1. Look for a Leak

Sometimes, your AC may succumb to leaks, which, in turn, can make it develop ice on the inside and outside. So, one of the first things that you must do, in order to rid your AC of ice problem, is to look for leaks, and repair them, either on your own, or with the help of professional A/C Repair companies.

Here, a word of advice is that oily stains on your AC are sometimes the indicators of an internal leak.

2. Undertake a Thorough Cleaning Process

At times, an unclean AC can yield itself to a number of problems, including that of ice formation in the cooling coils, the front lattice, as well as the AC frame. In such situation, cleaning the AC thoroughly is necessary. In fact, you should ideally give your AC to a professional Air Conditioner cleaner, once every year,

Therefore, cleaning the integral parts of the AC, including the coil, and the filters, is of utmost importance.

3. Tweak the Settings of the Device

Some minor changes in your AC can expedite the thawing process, and prevent the formation of ice, in the future. For instance: lowering the degree of the cooling procedure, and switching the AC to the fan mode will prove to be very useful, when you are dealing with an icing problem. If you feel the need of the AC, during cooler nights, then it is best to turn down the AC.

4. Rearrange the Items of Your Room

If the passage of the air from an AC is blocked by the presence of a sofa, couch, or any other thing, then the restricted air can condense into ice, on the coils of the AC. Thus, rearranging these items, to ensure a smooth passage of the AC air is essential.

If the problem still persists, then moving the device to a larger room, which suits its cooling BTU capacity, may be of great help.

Of course, sometimes it may not be possible to resolve the problem of ice formation even after following the above suggestions. In those cases, turning off the AC, and contacting an AC specialist, is advisable.

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