Potato Salad~ Easy and Delicious!

Ok….I know I’ve been slacking on bringing you guys some of my favorite recipes, which are easy to do and won’t take you long, for the most part at least, well this one won’t take you long. This potato salad goes great at a party with chicken wings and maybe some baked macaroni that you can check out how to make under the food category, we’ve also got how to clean your meat if you have yet to check it out. 

Ok so here we go;

1. Boil your potato’s! As many as you want, if your serving a lot of people than 1-2 bags is what you’ll need. Remember add some salt in the water when boiling and don’t forget to cover your pan.

2. Take another pot and boil some eggs, again this depends on how much you plan to make, 3-4 for small servings, 6-8 for large servings. Boil eggs for 15-20 minutes.

3. Once your potato’s are cooked, peel the skin, and then go on to smash your potato’s. 

4. Now add your eggs into the potatoes and go on to smash your eggs along with your potatoes.

5. Add some salt and a little GOYA ADOBO to give it additional taste.

6. Next add your mayo, mix in the mayo well.

7. Refrigerate!

8. Once your party is ready to get started remove and serve!! 

Hope you enjoy it!

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