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Let’s Talk About Love~Updated

I guess the obvious question is how do you know when you have found that person that you are supposed to spend the rest of your life with? Love can mean so many different things to so many people including the person that you are with. The way that you may feel you love the person that same love that you have towards your partner may not be reciprocated. Many times people fall in love at different times in a relationship. Do you wait until you know your partner is ready, to say those infamous three words, “I love you” or do you say it at a time that is convenient for you despite how it is they feel and pray that they too feel the same in return? 

At some point we all want someone that we can talk about love to. We want to share our story about a date we had, or something special the person did, or how he’s a good kisser,  or how she makes you feel when your down, etc. Love for some may happen once in a lifetime and for some others it may happen so much more. Some are even oblivious at times that they have even found love and some I guess can be considered too much in love (not sure if it’s possible). 

What can be considered somethings to look for when you think you have found love and the one your supposed to spend the rest of your life loving? From my own experience, I can say that your love should be able to meet trying times. It shouldn’t fade when times get tough or when the tunnel gets dark. In fact that’s when your love should grow deeper and it should bring you and your partner closer together. Another thing to consider when you think or feel like you have the one, is whether or not the person too feels the same. Don’t be afraid to ask your partner if they feel you are the right one for them. A relationship that is filled with love, should be filled with compassion and understanding. In a love filled relationship you won’t be afraid to share your feelings, your desires, your aspirations, your downfalls, and your regrets. You will know that your partner is not only supposed to be your lover but also your friend. The love of your life has to care for you more than they care for themselves. Sounds crazy but it’s true because love can’t be selfish, it’s rather self sacrificing. Wow, that’s deep if I must say so myself. When looking or thinking that you have found that special someone think back at some of the things that I’ve said, I’m sure that they will help you decide if he or she is the one for you. Oh and another thing, when you think you’ve found the one you should spend your life with don’t let anything or anyone get in your way of finding that happiness. 

Don’t worry there will be definitely more to come, especially when it’s that time to talk about love!!!



  1. feeling that goes along with lust? im not trying to defend the concept of lust. all i’m saying is that it is easier for someone nowadays to lust over someone instead of loving them.

  2. I dont think love is overrated at all .. if you really find LOVE then it can be something really beautiful .

    Lust is overrated . people always referring to them not being in love with someone as LUST .. lust is just a figment of our imagination… Explain to me exactly what feelings go along with LUST ..

  3. I have to completely disagree Mr. E love is not overrated. I just think that people are afraid especially men to let a woman know that they are completely and madly in love with them. I’m not denying that people can confuse love with lust but some many factors go into falling in love that lust simply can’t compete with.

  4. I think love is over rated. There are so many aspects to that that is yet to be understood.
    Here’s my question, why do we get so caught up in those three word, “I love you” that we forget that there is something called lust?

  5. Well i don’t think it’s something that you know . It just happens . when you realize that you cannot live without that person . then you will feel that you’re in love !

    Love just comes !

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