Key Benefits Concerning The Omega Masticating Juicer

The Omega masticating juicer can grind a variety of fruits and vegetables. This juicing machine is able to extract the beneficial vitamins, enzymes and minerals from fruits and vegetables. This model is made with dual juicing functions allowing for maximum efficiency. The unit has a very low rotational speed which helps to avoid foaming or clogs.

Other than making juice, this machine can process different kinds of foods like peanut butter or even make natural baby food. Some other beneficial features include high juice yield that leaves behind extra dry pulp. There is a special pulp ejection feature that comes with the model, permitting none stop juicing.

This unit also has a built-in reverse mode feature that permits users to remove any food jamming the machine. This is an extremely durable machine that operates in a very quiet mode. It is not difficult to put together and run. This machine is also easy to maintain and clean. All of the units usually have a 10-year warranty.

These machines come in either the vertical or horizontal models. The horizontal models are the most common model units. The vertical models run in the same manner but the are smaller, taking up less space in the kitchen. The vertical units do come with a special auger that allows more juice to be extracted from the fruit or vegetable.

The main advantage of this type of juicer is the low operating speed. As a result of the auger spinning at 80 RPMs, there is no heat that is generated. Therefore, the natural enzymes within the juice aren’t affected. This permits fresh juice that can be refrigerated for up to 72 hours prior to any oxidization affecting the quality. These units are also able to get a large amount of juice from leafy greens which many other products have difficulty doing.

There are a number of different recipes that can be produced using this type of equipment. It is possible to make healthier meals and drinks using this product. This process makes it easier for the body to absorb nutrients from the foods blended in these units.

The Omega masticating juicer can be purchased on the company website. This machine is also sold by several small and large retailers online and in regular stores. Juicing is a great way to feed the body nutritious foods and beverages without a lot of effort. These machines have become very popular over the years and are available in a broad range of prices.

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