Graduation Is A Demanding Time Of The Year In The Bakery Department

Graduation, whether from pre-school or university, holds special significance to the graduate and his or her relations and friends. Bakeries add to this accomplishment by offering custom decorated cakes to help make the celebration a winner. Since the traditional graduation season falls in the spring, together with numerous bridal showers, weddings and anniversaries, this tends to be a awfully busy time for decorators and bakeries. This can be very crucial that you plan ahead for this demanding time. The most popular decoration that we sell is the graduation caps, from Bakery Craft.

It is best to offer 4 to six standard graduation designs for customers throughout the busiest weeks of the time. Provide a beautiful display of the cakes for customers to view. Draft the order blanks so clerks can note the look chosen and the correct colors and dedication. Cake creations may include a computer generated school emblem or photo on Frosting Sheets, plastic caps, plaques, picks and diplomas, or icing arrangements. The next graduation concepts are suggestions for your display.

The plastic mortarboard cake is easy to execute and extremely practical. We chose to demonstrate the look on a half sheet, but it may be easily modified for a full or quarter sheet cake. To work out how many servings to score each cake, ask the customer if the cake is for use for a dessert or perhaps a buffet serving.
Dessert Size: 2-in. by 4-in. slices
1/4 sheet serves 12
1/2 sheet serves 24
full sheet serves 48

Buffet Size: 2-in. by 2-in. slices
1/4 sheet serves 24
1/2 sheet serves 48
full sheet serves 96

Base ice the cake, and comb the edges, making them even and removing excess icing. This also leaves a pleasant pattern about the sides. Score or cut through the cake as the client desires, leaving a section in the middle for your plaque and the message. Add appropriate plastic picks to the center of the pieces. Pipe on a white shell border around the center section, top and bottom edges using star tip No. 20. Add some colorful sugar pieces as decoration.

Pointer: Make use of wafer paper, to generate a diploma – brown edges either with paste color or airbrush spray. Next, hold cautiously over steam and melt edges right into a curl. Write on with Cake Decorating Pens, Place on cake.

Suggestion: School emblem on wafer paper; enlarge logo at copy store. Set wafer paper over image and trace lines with Cake Decorating Pens. Finish coloring in with the pens or if you have an air brush… after tracing picture then spray water on your dry icing and lay traced logo in place. Spray in with air brush colors.

Suggestion: Do you call for gold or silver for a school logo? Use Highlighter Dust, mix with a drop of vegetable oil and paint on using a fine brush.

Pointer: Don’t forget that the plastic Graduation Hats are a 2 piece Novelty item – Surprise the lucky grad with a gift inside!

Suggestion: Roll up a pumpkin roll and ice as a diploma.

Have a display of graduation cakes available at least one month before graduation season, using designs that are easy to implement and that focus on your cake decorator’s mastered skills for this high volume phase.

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