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Shutdowns or service-breakdowns are not uncommon in the world of IT infrastructure and cheap reseller hosting service providers. Whether going for an exclusive colocation services vendoror subscribe to an email hosting provider, at one point or the other, you might have met with such occasions when you had a complete service interruption. The number and frequency of such shutdowns however are the true determinants in isolating a good or less than average hosting company in India.

You might be thinking that checking out reviews of cheap reseller web hosting services can help you find the better hosting provider. However, considering the ever-increasing number of web hosts entering the market, it is not realistic to assume somebody would review them all for you and be unbiased source of information. Web hosting forums can be quite a limited source of information in finding the right webhosting provider. These forums threads also are mainly the effort of those people who have nil or restricted knowledge of hosting issues and who post just for the sake of it. Some of the tips to keep in mind while separating a good hosting vendor from a poor one are as follows:

Never Succumb to unlimited domain names – Always take this into account you need to stay off the temptation of going for unlimited domain names candy. Why so? Well, the more the amount of domain names you create, the more your allotted bandwidth goes for a partition. Four or more domain names means dividing your hosting bandwidth by four accounts and very soon you’d run short of bandwidth.

Welcome Monthly Payments

Normally you’d find many cheap reseller webhosting providing cheapest prices when customers choose to get yearly payments. However upon observation, this proves disadvantageous as customer cannot do anything about the poor or deteriorating quality of services having paid in full. You have Thus one should go with a company that is offering quarterly or monthly payment plan with cash back guarantee.

Send Mail Test

Always perform this test: send a simple intro mail to check and experience the response time. Knowledge of response time of the hosting provider will explain everything about the quality of your web host.

Refund Option

It is good to ask if your host can provide you with a refund option. If yes, try and keep all the receipts in a safe place and whenever the service goes down, file for a refund from your service provider. In short, it pays to be a customer who operates in the jungle of web hosting with all the necessary tips and tricks so as not to be taken for granted by vendors.
Good luck and please look hard before making any purchase.
Try before making any more hosting buys.

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