Who needs Direct Cash Advance Lenders?

Why should you use direct cash advance lenders?

Direct Cash Advance Lenders

Direct cash advance lenders, what is that?

A direct cash advance lenders is a lender that helps you to get money, as you need it during an emergency. The major differences between direct cash advance lenders and payday loans such wefixmoney, or money mutual is that there is no third party involvement in the negotiation. Wefixmoney & Money Mutual has a network of lenders, which makes them the third party in the middle of you and the actual lender.

Why is it better to use a direct payday lender?

It’s better to use a direct short-term loan lender because it will once again eliminate the need to having a third party in the process. Using a direct payday loan lender gives you the piece of mind when it comes to providing your information. As you are filling out the application for the direct payday loan lender you can be confident that you are providing your information to that lender and only that one.  Also a third party like wefixmoney do not provide information about the interest and payment schedules. However the direct lender will you provide you all that information or make it extremely accessible to you.

Also you will be able to find out if the lender is a licensed lender and is following the state’s regulation and that will assure you that the company is not yet another scam but a legit business. Choosing your lender is not something you get when you use a third party such as Money Mutual because you get whom they provide you with. I am sure they will provide you who they think will work best for them and not really for you. Worst-case scenario the lender many not be a licensed lender and you would not know.

What you need to know about direct cash advance lenders

I can’t really emphasize this enough make sure that you understand the terms and conditions of the lender you are borrowing money from. Each lender will have different policies just do your homework before hand. There are many fees that are associated with borrowing money. If can’t you pay it back in enough time, you are not making the payments on times there are many fees.

What you need to pay attention to before choosing direct cash advance lenders

  • Make sure the direct lender is licensed in the state which you want to use them
  • Secure protection on the site; make sure that the site is secure by using {https://} in the website address.
  • Make sure there are disclosures and they are clearly communicated and make sure you understand ALL before agreeing.
  • Customer service should be available to you whenever you need to contact them. Having a 9-5 payday lender is not really ideal.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY once you have selected a direct cash advanced lender make sure you check them out by first contacting the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to makes sure that they are legit. Lastly make sure you read all the reviews that can be provided online about that lender. People will not stay silent if they have been cheated or mistreated.

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