How to Prepare For Your Sprint Triathlon


Beginner’s race, as the sprint triathlon is known, is a 3 part race. It consists of a swim for 0.47 miles, bike ride for 12.4 miles and run for 3.1 miles. It is also internationally popular and most beginners love to participate in it. To participate in this race, you must prepare for it. Although it is a beginner’s race, the preparation requires at least 12 weeks of training that does not include the rest days. It includes a daily workout and training in the sports that the sprint triathlon includes.

If you are able to complete this triathlon training, you can successfully participate in the triathlon even if you cannot swim, run or ride a bike when you start. Given below are the steps you need to follow to participate in sprint triathlon –

1. Self-Assessment – The first step to any training program, physical or mental, is self-assessment. You need to know your fitness level, your strengths and weaknesses. Do you already train in any of the 3 sports mentioned above? If so, then you won’t find the training very difficult.

If you train in any one of the sports, you need to include the other two sports also. Start slowly, with short durations of training and gradually increase the duration and intensity of the training. Proceeding too fast will only result in injuries as your body is not ready for the training.

2. Starting With Swim Training – Can you swim well? If you are not too good at swimming, then you need a coach to walk you through the training. Of the 3 sports, swimming involves a lot of technicality and requires the maximum stamina.

If you are swimming freestyle, you will need all your energy to complete one lap without tiring yourself out. Most beginners stop in-between and are unable to finish even one lap.

You must also be comfortable swimming in the open water.

3. Starting With Bicycle Training – Most people spend their childhood riding bicycles. So, you may already know how to ride a bicycle. But, riding it now will be so different. You will have to build up your stamina. The best way to build up your stamina is to join a cycling group and go for rides. You will not only make friends but will also build your strength.

4. Starting with Running Training – After swimming, this is the sport that needs maximum energy. You end up winded quickly if you haven’t run for a long time. If you are experienced, then running won’t be a problem. The problem is for beginners who do not have the energy. Start with short distances and duration and increase both with time.

Instead of starting with long durations and intensity, chart out a plan of action. You need to decide how to start – the time and the distance. The right intensity is when you can train when speaking. Establish a base and build up on it. Increase your fitness and also remember to include warm up sessions before your actually train. Cool down after every session.

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