Women’s Jackets – What Style Will You Be Wearing This Season?

There are literally hundreds of jackets out there to choose from at the moment and sometimes it can be a little daunting choosing which one is right for you. Read on for answers. Bomber jackets are popular right now and come in a variety of styles. There?s the ever popular leather bomber, as well as variations in suede and many other fabrics. These jackets are padded, warm and come with handy features such as pockets for stuffing your hat and gloves and a full-length zip to keep you warm.

Another fantastic option on the jacket front is the brilliant duffle coat, which can be worn short or long depending on your preference. These coats are comfortable to wear and look fantastic done up with those iconic toggle buttons on display or left open to show off your winter wardrobe. They come in a range of colors and look great with any outfit, meaning you don?t have to worry about buying one jacket for work and another for casual use.

If you don?t like the duffle coat, then a different yet still just as versatile option is the blazer. This tailored classic is very fashionable right now and can be worn over camisoles or tees for a classy evening look or over a smart blouse for work, meaning your day wardrobe can easily take you through the night as well. Traditional black or pinstripe blazers look smart with any outfit, or you could go for a splash of color to make an impact on a winter night out.

But perhaps smart tailoring isn?t for you. Perhaps you want to be able to layer your clothes under a looser jacket and still be comfortable. If this is you, then you?ll love the parka. Traditionally khaki, but available in other colors, the parka is this season?s epitome of laidback winter chic. Go for a fur trimmed hood and padded jacket if you want to be truly warm on those cold days, or perhaps investigate the longer options available to keep you covered when the weather turns for the worse.

Staying with the khaki theme, the military jacket is extremely hot right now. They come in a range of colors although khaki is still the most popular, and they look just as good out on the town or in a restaurant as they do on the catwalk. They have detailed embroidery and buttons, which look fantastic done up or hanging loose. This is the ideal jacket for a party girl, allowing you to cover up and stay warm on winter evenings while still looking chic and stylish.

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