What Does Dressing Smart-Casual Mean?

For men who like to be stylish yet practical, it can often be a little annoying having to have one lot of clothes for ?smart? events and another for ?casual? occasions. Fear not, for our handy guide gives you some top tips on how you can combine the two and achieve the ever-attractive smart-casual effect. Pants play a key part here: you need to go smart, but not too formal. Dark jeans or chinos in a sophisticated color such as charcoal are great for making you look presentable and effortless.

Shirts don?t have to be daunting, either, no matter the slightly baffling, huge array of styles on offer for men these days. Try sticking with a button-down rather than a tee, and wear it in muted colors such as midnight blue, bottle green, or for a bit of a twist, deep burgundy. Neutral colors will mean you can wear the look anywhere, whether it?s at the office or out with friends. Go for a cotton shirt or perhaps a silk-blend for fabric that looks great with anything.

You might think that no one notices your shoes, but a bad pair of shoes is sure to make you stand out for all the wrong reasons. Stick with a sleek black shoe as you can be sure this will look stylish without being obvious. You could choose either a discreet lace-up or smart loafer; both of these will look fantastic with almost any outfit and allow you to go from smart to casual in an instant. Consider it an investment as a good pair of shoes will last ages.

No one wants to freeze for fashion, so make sure you include a good sweater or two in your smart-casual wardrobe, letting you wrap up warm while still looking great. Try a V-neck sweater over a button-down shirt in complementary colors for an instantly brilliant look. Or why not keep your neck warm with a stylish turtleneck; they not only keep out the cold but look great, particularly in muted colors such as black, green, navy or grey. You can also wear them with anything.

Finally, they may not be the most thrilling or crucial part of your outfit, but accessories can go a long way to making your regular outfit look effortlessly chic, stylish and sophisticated. There?s room for personal style here, but why not try a warm wool scarf in dark blue with lighter blue pinstripes for a subtle flash of color that?s sure to look great. You could also get a pair of leather gloves, which are guaranteed to keep you warm as well as looking fantastic.

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