The Retro Look

Fashion works in cycles, just like most things in the world. Something that was fashionable thirty years ago will find its way back to the height of sophistication in the 21st century. This is no bad thing: the retro look is great. One retro item that?s always popular is the lumberjack shirt. You know the one ? the plaid shirt, normally made out of flannel, making it great for winter and you can now get it a range of colors, or choose a lightweight version for the warmer months.

If you?re someone who loves to dress up, then you can go wrong with a retro prom dress. Sandy from Grease is probably the ultimate icon here, and there are fantastic 1950s and 60s prom dresses available as well as modern alternatives. Shorter skirts are brilliant as it means it can double up as a party dress. Enhance your curves with flared skirts and tight bodices, or go ultra girly with puffball skirts and bright colors such as pink, purple, green or blue.

For those of you who prefer pants to skirts, put a stamp on your style with pants with a flare. There?s a massive range available so you?re bound to find the perfect pair. One great option for a posh night out is dark velvet flares. You could also choose bright colors such as red for a style statement, or relive your hippy days with some fantastic denim, bell-bottomed jeans. These are particularly great for curvy, pear-shaped women as the flare is flattering and makes your hips appear smaller.

A brilliant trend from the 1970s is the long, floating dress. You may think this sounds familiar: the shops are currently full of long, maxi dresses but their provenance dates back decades. Get a long dress with lace overlay for a pretty, girly option or choose a bright pattern if you like to stand out from the crowd. There are also some great casual options for days out or for chilling out in around the house: those seventies ladies obviously had the right idea.

Accessories can make or break an outfit, so it?s just as well there are some gorgeous retro offerings available. Make a statement with a brightly colored band for your hair, or make like Audrey Hepburn with a pair of giant sunglasses. You also can?t go wrong with a beautiful silk patterned scarf to set off the rest of your outfit and give it an edge, completing your fantastic range of accessories. A few choice retro items will make you eternally stylish in an instant.

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