Favorite Places to Shop for Teen Clothing, Junior Clothing and Women's Clothing

Here is a list of some of my favorite places to shop for Teen Clothing, Junior Clothing and Women’s Clothing all at affordable prices. I have found a lot of women that really just stick to one place to shop because they really don’t know about any of the great stores that they have out there. This post is especially for women that don’t want to spend a lot of money but definitely want to look like they did.

Here are some places to check out:

Forever 21


Wet Seal

Charlotte Russe



We will continously update the list in order for you to update your look, so be sure to come  back and visit the things we talk about.



  1. Thank you S.Shay! Finally someone who speaks my language. My places do not sound expensive, try Lanvin for a change…now thats expensive next to Chanel.

    I have a question if this is Fashion blog, why have we not spoken about the past New YOrk Fashion week for Fall? or London fashion? Milan, and off course Paris; which is taking place as we speak? I bumped into Rachel Zoe the famous Hollywood stylist, and into Nina Garcia while in Paris, they were just coming out of the Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Dior Show. If you girls want will fashion, log on to http://www.style.com

  2. I am sorry, allow me to list my fvorite place to shop:

    Banana Republic
    Calypso by Christianne Celle
    Saks Fifth Ave
    Tory Burch
    Dianne Von Furstenberg

    And if I could afford Premier designer I will shop at the following places:

    Bottega Venetta
    Oscar de la Renta
    Louis Vuitton
    Roberto Cavalli
    HERMES (Would spend a small fortune to own a BIRKIN)

  3. Definitely thinking about doing a feature on both of them, they were being saved for later. Don’t you guys think they deserve much more than to make a list. Helllllooooooooo oo!!! lol

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