Men’s Vacation Fashion : Style Advice And Tips

The winter snow has melted, the spring rains have faded into the past, and that can mean only one thing; it is time for summer vacation. For the men out there, this means cooking up some burgers on the grill, taking a dip in the pool, and cruising around with the car top down. As you can see, it is a time to relax. Summer vacation should be casual and comfortable and the wardrobe a man chooses must reflect this. Whether enjoying a day at the beach or a night on the town, here are some summer vacation fashion tips for men.

It is the summertime, so be prepared to feel the sun shining down on many days. For this reason, sunglasses are a good idea. They will shield your squinting eyes from the glare and from potentially harmful UV rays. The style is not terribly important, as the idea is to provide protection, not necessarily make a fashion statement. Men must address footwear as well, and sandals are great for making a carefree impression, not to mention they are quite comfortable. Because you are on vacation from the hustle and bustle, overdressing is unacceptable; therefore, khakis and shorts will go nicely with the sandals. Socks and sandals, however, are a sin.

Though some think them cliché, Hawaiian shirts are actually a festive way to show off casual confidence. They allow a man to let loose and just chill out. Heading out to a ball game or down to the sea for some sand and surf are just a couple of the activities where a Hawaiian shirt is welcome. For a little night life, collared golf and polo shirts fit the occasion. Unless you are a 15-year old who is criminally unaware of fashion, however, do not pop the collar.

Shorts are a must for men taking a summer vacation. Light colored styles are best during the day, while black shorts nicely complement the night. Like it or not, denim is long gone, so avoid going that route. For a trip to a quiet restaurant or to a night club, khakis or lightly shaded chinos will make a statement in a reserved way. Jeans are alright, but they should be worn mainly around the house or for a quick trip out.

Men should leave formality behind while on summer vacation. That does not mean it is time to throw on a baseball cap and look sloppy, but three-piece suits are certainly not the order of the day. Casual, collared shirts and comfortable slacks will usually get you by just fine, and your summer vacation will be spent fashionably.

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