Men’s Fashion – What You Need To Know About Looking Good Whilst At The Office

The office isn?t a place where you want to have to be worrying about what you look like, and so we?ve put together this little guide to give you some tips on how to make dressing for the office stress-free. We start with the single-breasted suit ? a style classic, this suit looks great on any man and worn in neutral colors such as black, charcoal or navy blue will see you right through the seasons. Flattering and easy to wear, it?s a must for any working man?s wardrobe.

You could also try out the classic dress suit. These are particularly great for formal offices and will look just as good at a posh dinner as they do during the work day. Again, dark, neutral colors are really good to ensure your suit never goes out of style and will look good no matter what shirt and tie you wear with it. This suit is perfect for giving you an air of gravitas that will be the envy of your colleagues.

Accessories are just as important in office dressing as a good suit and, in particular, a good pair of shoes will stand you in good stead. Whether you go for brushed or polished leather, lace-up or slip on, a smart pair of office shoes will put you in a great frame of mind for working and make you look good in front of the boss. A good pair lasts for years, too, so there?s no need to break the bank.

Accessories matter in the office, too. As fun as loud patterned ties are, they?re not always appropriate for the office so make sure you have a collection of good quality ties in muted block colors and discreet patterns. They?re interchangeable with whatever you?re wearing and add a twist to your classic suit. Belts are important as well. If a man?s wearing a good belt, you might not even notice it, but trust me, if he?s wearing a bad belt, it will be all too obvious.

So, you?re suitably dressed and accessorized and the last thing you need to do is make sure your personal grooming is up to the standards of the rest of your outfit. Full beards look great on some men, but on others they look scruffy, so try going for a clean shaven look or, failing that, neatly trimmed stubble. This will keep you looking fresh and smart throughout the day and, coupled with your great suit and accessories, will give you the air of the perfect office worker.

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