Men’s Fashion Advice : Looking Good For Your Next Vacation

Are you planning a vacation in the summer sun this season? Do you have all the right clothes to make sure you?re prepared for whatever may come your way? If you?re still relying on the same summer clothes as last year?or even the year before?maybe it?s time to consider an upgrade to your summer wardrobe. Here we will outline a few tips that every man needs to know when doing his summer clothes shopping.

When considering a summer wardrobe you?ll need to address three major categories of clothes: casual wear, swimwear and semi-formal clothes for nights on the town. Let?s look at casual; wear first. Casual wear are the clothes you plan to wear for everyday activities, things like shopping, going to lunch or hanging out with friends. This should include a good mix of attractive shorts, jeans, and a combination of both collared shirts and printed tees. Check with your local men?s retailer to see what type of casual wear is in style this year, and then load up on all your favorites.

How important is swimwear with regard to your upcoming vacation wardrobe? Do you plan to spend the majority of your time pursuing activities such as boating, skiing, swimming or just hanging out in the sun? If so, you?ll definitely want to load up on all the latest summer swimwear fashions. Be sure to include at least a few bathing suits, some stylish printed tees and a couple pairs of sandals or flip-flops. Having plenty of these items on hand will keep you looking great, regardless of the activities you plan to pursue.

When most people are planning their summer wardrobe, one of the categories they often forget about is the clothes they?ll wear when they go out at night. Shorts and flip-flops are great for hanging out at the beach or the pool, but they?re hardly appropriate to wear to a restaurant or nightclub. To make sure you?re prepared for all your nighttime fun, make sure to have a few nice sets of slacks and designer shirts on hand at all times.

Your upcoming summer vacation is what you?ve worked so hard for all year, so the last thing you want is to be caught without the right type of clothes. As difficult as it may be, go to your closet and toss out all those torn shorts and faded tees, and head to your local men?s clothier to pick up some of the latest styles.

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