Men – Getting Clothes That Look Good And Fit Right

Most of the articles in fashion magazines might relate to women’s fashion, but that doesn’t mean that men’s fashion isn’t important, too. We’ve put together this guide to help men who are interested in finding the right style for their size and body shape. For all men, it’s really important that you wear clothes that fit you properly. If you wear something that’s too small, you risk looking bulgy and big, whereas something that’s too large will swamp you in all the fabric.

If you are a larger man, then you should stay away from horizontal stripes as these can make you look round. By contrast, vertical stripes on shirts will have a slimming effect. You should also stick to single vented jackets rather than double vented, as this will help stop attention being drawn to a large rear. It’s also a good idea to wear monochromatic clothes, such as dark pants and a light shirt as this will create a better silhouette.

Larger men should also avoid turtlenecks as this can make you appear to have more chins than you actually have. Wearing V necks is good as it helps to make your neck look longer and if you go for sweaters and tops with long sleeves, then this will also help to create a sleeker silhouette. It’s also advisable that you stay away from large, bright printed shirts as these can draw attention to your belly and wearing a belt helps to give you more of a waist.

Generally, skinny men need to follow the opposite to the rules listed above. This means wearing horizontal stripes rather than vertical, as vertical ones will make you look even thinner whereas horizontal stripes will give you substance. Wearing patterned shirts will also make you look a bit bulkier than if you wear monochrome shirts. Fitted shirts are a good idea as if you wear one that’s too loose with lots of material, you’ll end up swamped in a sea of fabric.

Skinny men should also try and make themselves look a bit more balanced by wearing square-toed shoes if they’re tall and shorter men are advised to wear dress shoes as these will help to boost your height a bit. Short men should also avoid wearing anything with big prints as they’ll make you appear smaller than you are. All skinny men should also avoid skinny jeans as they’ll take away your bulk. Wear light colors on your top half as they make you look slightly larger than dark clothes.

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