How To Search For Authentic Designer Handbags

Authentic designer handbags are every fashionista’s passion and so bargain hunters can be lured by sites that promise a designer purse at a fraction of the price. Here are some of the things to be aware of when shopping for a luxury bag.

Spotting a fake can be challenging especially since some copies can be considerably well made. Start by carefully examining the materials used and check the quality of them. If the purse is made of leather then this should not feel hard and over processed to touch and should smell like the genuine article.

The color of the material is also a giveaway as counterfeit purses may be discolored and faded or the color can be garish. You may be able to quickly detect a fake in this way. Verify that the color is authentic by examining the purses listed on the fashion house website for the current season.

The name or logo engraved into the material is usually a sign that the item is authentic. Make sure however, that the logo is even and that you can see it in other locations on the purse such as the zipper and the lining. A designer purse almost always comes with a dust bag and this should be thicker in quality with the name of the fashion house clearly and evenly printed on it.

The stitching often tells a story – it should be even and well crafted. Sloppy and inconsistent stitching or loose threads, particularly in less conspicuous areas such as the lining and the underside of the bag, are a sign that the item is not authentic.

Also take time to examine the hardware and make sure that it compliments the material and that it there are no variations in the shade of the metal. It should feel heavy and be free from marks and scratches.

Serial numbers are often printed on the bag and many designers also include a care booklet with the item. If either of these are missing then it could well be a fake.

After careful examination of the item also think about the site or place that you are purchasing it from. Leading fashion houses have websites and up-to-date collections and do not need to place items on online auctions. Private sellers should include the receipt and place of purchase to verify that it is genuine. A savvy customer should always be aware of obtaining this information before investing the time and money in an expensive purse.

An authentic designer handbag is a luxury item and it is highly unlikely to be sold for anything less than the recommended retail price. Keep this in mind as you search, and if it seems too good to be true then it probably is.

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