Few Thoughts In Relation To Metals For Jewellery.

There used to be a time that all that was good for the decoration of the body was what was hard to form or get… Stone beads from pebbles, as piercing and polishing them was next to out of the question… Even wooden beads… Stone rings, wooden ring… An expensive innovative jewelry indeed.

An adored female was the fortunate one that someone?s attentiveness and desire for her led him to spend much in means to craft or obtain these distinctive little things, as well as the thread to string them on… Later the age of unusual enough metals arrived, I believe. Copper and its uses might have been discovered at about the same time as other metals… Gold, silver, all requiring similar casting and shaping techniques… Lucky was the female to be considered to merit such adornments…

Copper itself being relatively a contestant in the field of winning a woman?s heart, albeit by less fancy suitors… Still it oxidises rather quickly and needs persistent cleansing. Not mentioning the bottle green stains on the skin, obviously. The Phoenicians came up with an amazing unintentional discovery on the beach, following a camp fire there: glass. Enter the much coveted exciting glass beads. At first plain light green, then in blue cobalt tint, red, dark green… Glass rings… A bold move from the black stone rings, isn’t it? More precious metals in today?s standards came shortly. Platinum. White gold. Green gold. Pink gold? Well, gold can in fact come in virtually any shade of those colors, as this result is obtained by adding some other metals (mostly, not precious ones) to the gold. This gives the gold a shade of the other metal, and a ?color name? to that ?kind? of gold.

Although gold these days appears to be once again a material that indicated ability of the buyer as its value climbs owing to the international economical uncertainties, a certain rebellious underground has evolved. It comprises those who wish not to be typical. Those who seek to break away from custom and standards.

Those who participate in the trend seek to indicate to their object of love that they are different. They are unlike ?the others?. They are exclusive and independent thinkers. They are unique. They like to discover. They HAVE explored. And they have found something unlike anything else to be adorned by her. Serve them in their ritual of marriage. Be THEIR wedding ring nothing like any other.

Those opt, now, for things in new vanguard metals. We?re living in a space exploration era, for goodness sake, there are many exceptional materials (of the exceptional qualities) that the human kind revealed during the last century. Prime among them are exotic alloys of Titanium. A leadership nominee in this class is Black Titanium, produced by very few worldwide. The name given to the metal speaks for itself. The mighty, lightweight, virtually non-destructible? The king of the modern era metals, as a matter of fact.

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