Buying Lingerie For Your Partner

How would you fare at buying some new lingerie for the one you love? Would you be able to confidently go out and select the right size, colour and style first time? Or would you struggle to find what she really wants and end up buying totally the wrong thing?

If you think you fall into the latter group, don?t worry. Many men are nervous about buying lingerie as a gift, even if they have been with their partner for a long time. But regardless of whether this is the first time you have gone on such a shopping trip or you have done it several times before, you need to focus on some important questions before you begin.

Firstly, you must know exactly what size she is before you buy anything. Remember that women can change sizes depending on whether they have gained or lost weight, or been pregnant. Their shape may also change as they age, so don?t assume the same size bra you bought a year ago will still be good now. Do some surreptitious research by checking the size of the lingerie she has worn recently. Jot it down and keep it with you when you go shopping.

Next, get an idea of the type of lingerie she likes to wear. For example, does she prefer lacy items that have an unusual design? Or is she strictly a plain kind of girl who enjoys classically good looking underwear? Think about what she wears now and use that as a guide to help you buy the right thing.

You also need to think about the colours of the underwear she generally sticks to. For example some women like black and white but they steer clear of colours. Other women wouldn?t wear white if it was the last thing left in the shop! By focusing on the colours she likes and dislikes, you stand a much better chance of buying what she will love.

Don?t be afraid to ask the shop assistant for help either. If you have a list of pointers with you, such as the ones mentioned above, they will be only too glad to help. Contrary to what you may believe, you won?t be the first man who has gone in and asked for help in buying their partner some new underwear!

You will find it useful to give yourself plenty of time to make your choice as well. If you leave it until the last moment to buy your gift, you will end up with a higher chance of getting it wrong. Buying women?s lingerie should not be a five minute excursion. Spending a little more time on it will ensure you come up trumps with a fantastic gift.

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