Who went home on dancing with the stars, dwts? April 7, 2009

Ok…first let me apologize for taking long to write this for those of you that missed the show but i’m still recovering from the results. Let me just catch my breath.  Ok, Shawn Johnson, Lil Kim, and my favorite Gilles were announced safe early on in the show. And then something so unexpected happen, Steve-O was considered safe. Steve-O the one that continues to receive low scores and have had more injuries than one can count is still in the game. Now you understand why I was shocked. I guess he really does have some hard core fans out there supporting him, because it can’t be his dancing that’s carrying him through in this competition. Melissa Rycroft, Chuck and Ty were also left off the hook. The dance off was between football player, Lawrence Taylor and David (the comedian). Although David did have a higher score than Lawrence in last night’s performance, it didn’t give him any advantage, and unfortunately after his performance, he was sent packing. Poor David. I actually thought he would have gotten much further since he did do a pretty decent job throughout the competitions. This is just to show that you can stink in dancing, but if you have faithful fans then you can really win in these competitions. I guess we have to wait and see what next week will bring in this competition.

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