Who went home on American Idol (April 22, 2009)?

Well tonight, two people were sent home, since the judges saved someone last week. Tonight it was bye bye Lil Rounds and then Anoop Desai said goodbye to his American Idol dreams. We weren’t too surprised about Lil Rounds since she got so much bad criticism from the judges and well Anoop was never on my list to make it to the finals. Now there is only one chic left to represent the girls, and she was in the bottom three. So what this means for the ladies this year, who knows,  I guess the guys will have another year in a row. Speaking of guys, runner up David Archuletta also performed on tonight’s show and I can so see why he didn’t win, not that I’m hating, the performance just wasn’t that great. Well that’s all for tonight folks, Enjoy…

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