What happened on Dancing with the Stars, April 27, 2009?

Hey you all, last night was quite an interesting show, a lot happened and one of my favorites were missing from the competition because of an injury. Melissa Rycroft couldn’t compete last night because of a rib injury and had to be judeged based upon a rehearsal they had during the week that unfortunately didn’t go over too well because of her injury, and the judges gave her a score of 17, so hopefully her fans and her supporters vote to keep her in the competition or this may be her last night. Other than that, Gilles Marini, came in third this week even though he received three 9’s and he had an injured shoulder as well. Lil Kim brought back the raunch into her dancing and she received a 10 from Bruno, which seemed overjoyed, an 9’s from the other two judges, so this put her ahead of Gilles. Chuck  Wicks finally got some scores he was wishing for throughout the entire competition, he got a 9 and two 8’s. Shawn Johnson, which I thought did an amazing job, got a 10, an 8, and a 9. Ty, which also did a good job, but unfortunately came in before last, had a 9, an 8, and a 7. Then the contestants were divided into two groups, Team Mambo and Team Tango. Team Mambo included  featuring Melissa, Shawn and Chuck and their partners, but they had Lacey Schwimmer filling in for Melissa, nut the scores didn’t include Lacey’s performance. They got two 8’s and a 9 from Bruno. Team Tango, which included the other three did a far better job I think and their scores showed this too, they received a 10 and two 9’s. Unfortunately for Melissa, she still remains in the bottom this week and we will have to wait until tonight to see what happens.

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  1. I missed the beginning of watching last night.. but if you look at the votes so far.. then Lil’ Kim and Derek are leading with 28 points.. and Gilles and Shaw are sharing 2nd place as both got 27 points.. and 3rd are Chuck Wicks and Julianne with 26 points

    This means there are 2 second place contenders.. Shawn and Gilles both have 27 points

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